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A Few Items To Ponder, Two Of Them Important

Type 1 Diabetics get good news As I have written before, Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a horrific disease. It is a leading cause of stroke, heart disease, blindness, kidney disease and non-traumatic amputations. It also costs a lot to manage. The media has been full of stories of unfortunate people who have had to […]

Today, We Thank Our Veterans ― Ninety Years Ago, We Did Something Else

Well, that was interesting. The midterm election, not yet over, showed once again experts and their predictions are worth about as much as a sneaker full of puppy poo. All the supposedly smart pundits who predicted the end of democracy as we know it are now doing their best to explain what happened, and why. […]

A Midterm Reminder That Bears Repeating

The Midterms are tomorrow, and, if you’re like me, you can’t wait for the campaigning to be over. The constant emails, texts and television ads will stop―for about a week, after which we’ll begin getting bludgeoned by the 2024 campaign. God help us all. According to Bloomberg, the two political parties and their candidates will […]

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