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What Price Life?

Part One “Insulin is my gift to mankind” – Frederick Banting A Quick Quiz Question 1: Name a chronic disease requiring medication, which, if not taken every day, guarantees death within two weeks. Answer: Type 1 Diabetes. Question 2: Name the medication. Answer: Insulin. Question 3: What is the monthly cost of insulin for a […]

Violence In The ER: A Big Problem Getting Worse

Men and women who yearn to follow in the footsteps of Hippocrates, Galen and Banting are taught many things in Med School, but there is no course called Violence In The ER, And What To Do When It Happens To You.  Until recent times that hasn’t been much of an issue for the doctors and […]

November Health Wonk Review and other news of note

Lisa Lines is hosting this month’s dose of health wonkery at The Medical Care Blog: Health Wonk Review – November 2018. There’s a good roundup of health issues submitted by the usual subjects – check it out. Lisa is an ongoing contributor to HWR but a first-time host. Be sure to kick the tires on […]

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