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This Can’t Go On Forever, Right?

The ratio of wages to the cost of living is what the economist calls real wages; the desirability of having real wages as high as possible, consistent with high employment, is a social objective. Rises in real wages do for the most part come about in fact as a consequence of rises in productivity. In […]

Fresh Health Wonk Review; plus, a RIMS wrap-up

It’s Health Wonk Review week for April. Louis Norris has posted the Spring Is Here! Health Wonk Review edition at Colorado Health Insurance Insider. Not sure how the weather is in Colorado, but Spring has decidedly not yet sprung in Massachusetts, where snow is falling outside the window at this very moment. But wherever you […]

Saving Lives—Building A Modern Pharmacy Program Amid A Deadly Epidemic

Dr. Terrence Welsh, Medical Director for the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, flew into Boston for WCRI’s 2018 conference to talk about Ohio’s attack on the opioid epidemic. He began with two slides worthy of reproduction here. The first is scary indeed:   So, in 2011, the Ohio BWC decided to do something about it. Here […]

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